Steph Rodriguez

Steph Rodriguez is an award-winning journalist and editor who crafts stories that mirror Sacramento’s diverse culture. An active freelance journalist for more than 15 years, she’s written articles for the Sacramento News & Review, Edible Sacramento, Sacramento Magazine and Capital Public Radio. When she’s not covering Sacramento’s food scene, she enjoys spending time with her son, Elliot, and partner, David. Read more at

Nijzel Dotson

Nijzel Dotson is a student journalist and the Arts & Entertainment editor for Sacramento State’s student-run news organization, The State Hornet.

Danielle McKinney

Danielle McKinney is a current junior at Sacramento State, where she is pursuing a degree in journalism. She recently received an associate degree in journalism from Sacramento City College, where she spent three semesters at the student-run Express newspaper, serving as co-editor-in-chief during her last semester. Read more at

Rachel Leibrock

Rachel Leibrock is a Northern California-based journalism educator, writer and editor who covers arts and culture, food and current events. She worked for nine years at the Sacramento Bee, where she wrote about pop culture and music, and more than a decade at the Sacramento News & Review, including several years as editor-in-chief. More at

Lien Hoang

Lien Hoang is a Sacramento native and journalist who has worked for Bloomberg Law, Reuters, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and the Sacramento Bee. Contact her at

Keyshawn Davis

Keyshawn Davis is a freelance writer and current student and sports editor at Sacramento City College’s online newspaper Express.

Madeleine Beck

Madeleine Beck is a Sacramento-based freelance reporter and journalism student working at Sacramento State’s student-run newspaper, The State Hornet. On Twitter @madeleinebeck_.

Thomas Cathey

Thomas Cathey is a freelance journalist and student at American River College in Sacramento. He’s had three semesters of experience writing for The Current at ARC and is now its managing editor.

Andrew Calisterio

Andrew Calisterio is a freelance photographer and content creator. He developed his passion for photography while working in the liquor and spirits industry for over a decade, and is influenced by street photography, bar culture and portrait work. He is a Sacramento native and a longtime San Francisco resident, and shares his wide array of interests via his Instagram accounts, @Boozehoundcc and @LoFivePhoto.

Kelsey Brown

Kelsey Brown is a freelance writer and a student at CSU Long Beach. Brown was the news editor and a journalist for Sacramento City College’s online newspaper, The Express.