Arts and Culture

Ninety-two percent of Americans say the arts are important to the quality of life in their community, according to a recent Harris Poll. Yet the recession has battered the budgets of our region’s performing arts organizations, museums and community foundations. During the downturn, the Sacramento Philharmonic’s budget alone was slashed by nearly a quarter million dollars.

Creatures and the Environment

Trees, animals, rivers and trails — our region boasts a plethora of all these things plus dozens of ways to support them. Be an advocate for the great outdoors! The Sacramento Tree Foundation needs help planting trees and teaching youth about the urban forest.


Charitable foundations across the Capital Region grant millions of dollars every year to a variety of nonprofits focused on families, the arts and education, health and human services, the environment, disaster relief and more. Are you interested in investing in organizations that can help you manage your philanthropic giving and use those funds advantageously? 


Sign up to volunteer! United Way’s online Volunteer Center helps you turn your passion into action.

Health & Basic Needs

Our region’s great variety of arts, literacy, conservation and youth programs will have a limited impact if the community they’re serving is struggling to remain sheltered, fed and healthy. From nonprofit hospitals to homeless shelters and food banks, basic needs are vital to the survival and growth of all communities.

Jobs and Education

Did you know that only 57 percent of third graders in the greater Sacramento area read at grade level? Meanwhile, business owners across the Capital Region are reporting challenges finding workers who possess the necessary skills for gainful employment. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Strengthening Families

Healthy, happy families make for healthy, happy communities. Can you see yourself serving as a father figure to a young man in one of our urban communities? Or perhaps you would like to assist women and children in their search for safety and shelter.