Real Estate & Construction
Farewell to the corner office
The next generation of workpace design
Bill Sessa
The Sloughhouse Experience
How a local couple is revitalizing a historic eatery without a chef, a restaurant background or investors
Douglas Curley
Convenient care
How concierge medicine is changing the health care marketplace
Jeff Wilser
Affordable Representation
Could licensing paralegals in California help drive down legal costs?
Steven Yoder


Business & Management
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Mia Lopez
Business & Management
Branding's Triple Threat...the ride of your life!
Starting a new business or looking to maximize your brand’s impact on your bottom line? While a brand is the foundation of any business, creating that brand can be as scary and exhilarating as any rollercoaster ride – especially as a brand must achieve top marks in three essential categories in
Angela Criser
Real Estate & Construction
Realign. Redevelop.
Counties director Matt Cate thinks California is righting its course
No one can accuse Matt Cate of avoiding the hard jobs. During his four years at the helm of California’s state prisons, he guided the system through some of its toughest times, including historic budget cuts and the implementation of Gov. Jerry Brown’s controversial 2011 realignment plan, which
Rich Ehisen
SNAP: Keeping the lights on
Behind the scenes with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Allison Joy
Real Estate & Construction
Better with Age
Emerging trends offer senior living with style
If you’re trying to prepare for a tsunami, emergency assistance groups will advise you to make ready in three ways: Know your evacuation routes, put together an emergency kit, develop a family communication plan. But if you’re trying to prepare for the silver tsunami, the wave of retirement-age
Russell Nichols
Arts & Culture
Pricing the Past
Collector Brian Witherell on the gambles and gains of antiques
Juxtaposed against the crisp, modern lines of Brian Witherell’s home in Alkali Flat sits a trove of ancient treasures, premier antiquities cherry picked from his company’s massive antique collection.  Witherell’s Auction House is a family business, started in 1982 by Brian’s father, Brad, an
Allison Joy
Old town, new challenges
Downtown Sacramento Partnership's Janie Desmond Ison
Janie Desmond Ison, 54, is the 2014 board chair of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership. She also has more than 20 years of involvement with the Old Sacramento Business Association. A sixth generation Sacramentan, Desmond Ison and her husband Jim Ison are owner/partners of three Sacramento area
Douglas Curley
Without sweeping changes — and fast — the Central Valley is facing failure
On a warm day in late winter, a small crowd of business and political leaders gathered in Yuba City to cheer the groundbreaking of a new headquarters that symbolizes a quickening of the Central Valley’s economic pulse. Sierra Central Credit Union has been holding onto that property for nearly a
David Hosley
Real Estate & Construction
Commercial Lending Forecast
Softening standards with a chance of loans
This year could provide some of the first expansions in bank lending since 2008. So is the market back up to speed? No. But banks are slowly and smartly increasing their appetites for commercial lending, and the Capital Region will see its share of transactions. Since 2007, all but a few large
Bill Sessa
Business & Management
Home office tricks and tips
How to design a comfortable and productive workspace
Technological innovations, workforce trends and entrepreneurial spirits are allowing more American workers to step away from cubicles and corner offices and into the comforts of their own homes. But maintaining productivity at home can be a challenge for workers who lack a well-equipped 
Katrina Stumbos
Arts & Culture
Arts & Aesthetics
Fine art collections serve as on-site museums for some of Sacramento's culture-loving companies Trainor Fairbrook Trainor Fairbrook senior shareholder Charles Trainor describes the law firm's aesthetic as an integration of contemporary and antique Asian culture. His wife Paulette, who owns an
Business & Management
The strategy of 3
How to conduct an efficient meeting: Improve comprehension, maximize retention.
Three is a magic number. Yes it is. It’s a magic number. If you’re humming the lyrics to the iconic “Schoolhouse Rock” song, then you are either over 35, a Blind Melon-Head or already in tune with the Strategy of 3. I’m not the first, last or even the third person to embrace, practice and
Craig Amazeen
Business & Management
Command and Deliver
Sacramento's young professionals are gaining influence
No agency is safe. No office off limits. Boardrooms will be infiltrated.   Communication barriers will crumble for the sake of collaboration. As the old guard inches toward that horizon called retirement, Sacramento’s young power players are taking center stage. 2014 has been dubbed the
Russell Nichols
Have cheese will travel
A ‘choose your own adventure” map to Northern California’s finest fromagers
In the past two decades, bucolic Sonoma and Marin counties have been at the center of a cheese renaissance that has seen the rise of dozens of artisan and farmstead products, including cheese made from the milk of sheep, goat and water buffalo. With nearly 30 cheesemakers and creameries opening
Michelle Locke
Under one roof
Can rapid rehousing save local homeless families from Sacramento's streets and shelters
There is good news and bad news on the homelessness front. Despite a slight uptick between 2011 and 2013, overall homelessness in Sacramento County is on the decline. Yet, according to the most recent data, one of the most vulnerable demographics — homeless women and children — is rising steadily.
Allison Joy
Business & Management
Working moms
Don't let motherhood stand in the way of pay raises and promotions
There’s a debate in workplaces about whether women who have children are subject to a professional disadvantage that other female co-workers don’t face. It’s called the motherhood penalty because mothers are said to be paid less, have fewer promotions, get smaller raises and be viewed as less
Lindsay Broder