Owen Racer

Owen Racer is a freelance journalist who has traversed a multitude of the country’s regions on varying beats. His reporting is currently focused on mental health. owenracer.com​

Linda Childers

Linda Childers is a California native and freelance writer. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Shondaland, The Cut, The California Health Report, and many other national media outlets.

Sen Saetern

Sen Saetern is a freelance writer, photographer and bicycle mechanic. Born in Sacramento to a Iu Mien refugee family from Laos, he is now a board member of Iu Mien Community Services and travels the country to share stories from the Iu Mien diaspora. See more at sensaetern.com.

Houghton Kinsman

Working between Cape Town and Sacramento, Houghton Kinsman’s writing has appeared in Frieze, Art South Africa, Contemporary&, and Dazed and Confused magazines. He works as the Adult Education Coordinator at the Crocker Art Museum and served previously as the Assistant to the Curator of Education at the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami.

Wayne Prince Locke

Wayne Prince Locke is a writer, musician, poet, motivational speaker and content creator. He is the CEO of Classic Future Media Group, a growing multimedia company based in Sacramento. 

Olivia Monahan

Olivia Monahan, aka Liv Styler, is a Chicana mother, journalist, editor, educator, and community advocate with a focus on telling the stories of our most marginalized communities filtered through a humanizing lens. She is an Ida B. Wells Investigative Journalism Fellow Finalist for 2022, is a member of the Parenting Journalists Society, and the Association of Raza Educators. 

Nick Shockey

Nick Shockey is a photographer, photojournalist and photo editor of the Sacramento City Express. He has a passion for documentary style photography and loves to photograph anything and everything that catches his interest.

Jefferson Miller

Jefferson Miller is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Sacramento, CA. You may recognize his retro-inspired cartoon style on beer cans, comics, books (like the A Small Fiction book) and event posters.