Katy Karns

Back Photographer

Katy Karns is a Jill of many trades. Her passion for photography started when she moved to Europe after high school. When she moved back to the states, she continued to grow her skills by taking any job she could get. Narrowing down what photography style and genre came years later. Portraits and food photography has been where she’s found the most joy. 

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Strawberry Fields Forever?

California’s Iu Mien strawberry farms face a succession crisis

Dust kicks up in a cloud and the sound of gravel crunches as cars and trucks pull into what’s become a summer staple in the Capital Region — fresh strawberry roadside stands. The ramshackle wooden stands, with bright red hand-painted strawberry signs and makeshift awnings to shield workers from extreme summer heat, are typically open seven days a week in peak season.

Aug 14, 2023 Sen Saetern

Our Top Stories of 2022

From exclusive interviews with local business leaders to a roundup of regional Mexican dishes, here are our most-read stories of the year.

Dec 29, 2022 Vanessa Labi

Rex Moore

100th Anniversary

To celebrate 100 years in business, electrical contractor and engineering firm Rex Moore hosted nearly 700 employees, alumni, vendors, customers and associates at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in downtown Sacramento for a party featuring food, wine, a live band and a historical journey from 1922 to today.

Katy Karns