Your Business Can Take Advantage of Back-to-School Sales

Seasonal sales throughout the year offer benefits to companies’ bottom lines

Back Web Only Sep 9, 2016 By Kelly Azevedo

It’s that time of year again: the start of a new school year. As millions of students head back to school, their parents head to local stores and to their computers or phones to purchase for all the necessary supplies.

While your business might run 365 days a year, it’s worth looking at these seasonal deals to stock up supplies for companies at reduced prices. Computers, for example, are often on sale this time of year for college and high school students needing an upgrade. You can also find great deals on printers, ink, printer paper and USB drives. And it’s not just the technology that you’ll want to consider for your business.

September is the best time of year to buy canned air to clean electronics, dry erase markers for your conference rooms, highlighters and pens to restock the supply room and equipment that might be broken or has gone missing, such as three-hole punchers, tape dispensers, paper cutters and scissors.

Shopping tip: check out stores for “dorm essentials” in the seasonal aisles for items that college students love and make an office more comfortable. Think bright rugs, throw pillows for lobby chairs, Keurig machines for the break room, curtains and beanbags for a lounge space.

Product-based businesses should also be on the lookout for display items whether for a pop-up shop or storefront. Storage bins and containers often go on sale for students and teachers so now might be the best time to get a set of matching tubs for overstock merchandise or a folding table for sidewalk sales.

Back to school is always a good time to clear out your office storage room and take stock of what needs replacing, but looking for great deals can happen year round. Time magazine reported on the best time to buy common household goods, electronics, appliances, outdoor furniture and more. This article serves as an excellent starting point for planning your business purchases — big and small — throughout the year to take advantage of seasonal sales.

For example, as the outdoor furniture clearance begins, decide if you’d like to upgrade your patio set where employees eat lunch or add a small seating area outside your front door. January is usually the best time to purchase televisions, so begin budgeting now for that purchase to upgrade the equipment in your lobby, waiting room or displays.

Other appliances and furniture typically go on sale in February, so if you’re ready to upgrade office furniture or the fridge in the employee lunchroom, look for deals to make the most of your money. Of course, any end-of-season sale is a good opportunity to stock up for next year if you have the budget and storage space available whether for holiday decorations or paper plates for the summer barbecue.

Our system suggestion is to start a perpetual list of items that you purchase each year — from batteries to new vehicles — and keep stock of what you have already and when to repurchase to get the best deals. Planning your purchases year round to take advantage of sales is a wise investment and helps businesses spread out expenditures. When your cash outflow is spread out throughout the year, or you’re saving regularly for upcoming purchases, the business will experience fewer peaks and valleys keeping your bank balances, and stress levels, more in balance.


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