(Design by Sara Bogovich; elements from Shutterstock)

(Design by Sara Bogovich; elements from Shutterstock)

The Entrepreneur Bingo Game

Check off the things that have happened in your business

Back Web Only May 31, 2016 By Kelly Azevedo

If you only read what gets posted on social media or hear what’s bragged about in speeches, you’d believe that being an entrepreneur is the best thing ever! But we’ve all experienced the rollercoaster ups and downs that come with owning one’s own business, sometimes one right after another.

No one will tell you all the good, the bad and the ugly details about owning a business. But know that you are not alone in experiencing all these categories. Let’s play a little game of entrepreneur Bingo: Simply tick off all the things that have happened in your business lately:

1. Found an embarrassing typo — right after sending the email

2. Wrote a brilliant blog post and got no comments

3. Shared a silly picture and that went viral

4. Opened your inbox and found 1,000 unanswered emails

5. Re-explained your job every time you saw your family

6. Been driven crazy by clients

7. Tried to take a day off and worked all day instead

8. Got sick at the worst possible time

9. Had a huge breakout right before a photoshoot

10. Yelled at a slow Wi-Fi connection

11. Freaked out when your company’s website crashed during a big promotion

12. Forgot about that subscription that you’ve been paying for months

It’s not all bad; sometimes the most simple wins bring the biggest impact. Check these happenings off your entrepreneur Bingo game, too:

13. Signed a new client on at your new (higher) rates!

14. Received an unexpected email with a kind testimonial

15. Observed that your business bank balances look good

16. Thanked your team for really stepping up and impressing you

17. Got complimented by someone you admire

18. Received a cool media mention

19. Felt really good about the work you do

20. Realized that your family is really, really proud of you

21. Accepted new orders flowing in after months of hard work

22. Totally rocked that interview!

23. Booked that speaking gig you’ve been after for years

24. Felt happy with your amazing clients

25. Paused to feel proud of your business and the impact you’re making in this community

Despite knowing that the good co-exists with the bad, being an entrepreneur means embracing the journey — for better or worse — and celebrating every day in your business. Share with me in the comment section below what you’ve experienced lately.

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