4 Tips for Profitable Management

Save money with better systems

Back Web Only Jul 15, 2015 By Steven Yoder

Large retail chains like Costco, Trader Joe’s, QuikTrip and Mercadona pay wages and benefits considered high for their industries. They also use four key operational strategies:

1. Minimize:Give customers fewer choices by limiting products and promotions. That cuts costs and allows staff to develop deeper knowledge about what the company does offer.

2. Cross-train:Heavily cross-train workers so staff can take on other roles in times of low demand, like having the fruit-and-vegetable specialist restock shelves in another department when foot traffic is slow.

3. Staff: Give staff breathing space to offer better customer service and suggest operational improvements by ensuring employees are not overloaded.

4. Standardize: Standardize tasks and processes and empower staff to make decisions for which behavior is hard to prescribe, like how to respond to customer problems and complaints.

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Eric Wooten (not verified)August 22, 2016 - 12:49am

The management system will work better in every sector; without proper management, we are unable to complete a work in time and also we require good management system to manage teams and their work. This article describes some good points on profitable management; thanks for these suitable points.