New Coworking Space Coming to Midtown

Outlet Coworking says they have something different to offer

Back Web Only Dec 24, 2014 By Lucia Ruiz

Coworking spaces in Sacramento have evolved from simple work spaces reminiscent of coffee houses to communities that offer classes, art galleries and networking events. In January, Outlet Coworking, a new coworking space at 2110 K St., will open to meet the growing demand for such spaces and services.

Outlet Coworking is the latest venture of Sacramento natives and brothers Travis and Harrison Reich. The brothers say Outlet Coworking will bring a new twist to the coworking atmosphere. At 10,000 square feet, Outlet Coworking is more than twice the size of other Sacramento coworking spaces. Amenities will include a break room with games, two conference rooms, outdoor seating and work space, classes and workshops and beer on tap. Higher levels of membership include a reserved desk in a shared office, or a private office for one to 12 desks.

Coworking spaces in Sacramento already cater to artists and startups, and Outlet coworking will also aim to create a space for business professionals such as architects and lawyers, a place where the community can interact and create.  

Technology and community-driven coworking are creating new incentives for professionals of all types to be more efficient and profitable. Coworking is an industry to watch as it connects professionals in the region.

The Reich brothers are moving their offices to the coworking space and will be looking for ways to support the community by “potentially invest[ing] in companies that come here.”

Coworking spaces are collaborative working environments, and a rising national trend that is thriving in Sacramento. The city already has four coworking spaces located in midtown, three of which rank in the top 25 of Symmetry50’s 75 Top Coworking Spaces in the U.S. According to Deskmag, an online magazine that reports on coworking, the industry is maturing and existing coworking spaces are expanding, “sixty-percent of existing coworking offices are slated to acquire new space for their coworking members this year.”  

Hackerlab, the newest coworking space in Sacramento, was founded in 2012. Though it has almost 200 members, it’s not yet reached maximum occupancy. But according to Eric Ullrich, co-founder and COO of Hackerlab, there is still “always a nice energetic buzz around the space.”

Capsity, the oldest coworking space in Sacramento, isn’t worried about additional competition. Brian Fischer of Capsity says “coworking trend isn’t slowing down, we don’t see [other coworking spaces] as competitive. There is room for all different types of people and concepts.”

Travis Reich says he and his brother visited coworking spaces in Sacramento to see what works and what doesn’t, and created a space where they think entrepreneurs and business professionals alike can network and collaborate. They want to create a space for young talent, that will keep them from moving away to bigger cities.