The Connection Point: HYDN Founder Hayden Spilman

WATCH: How Hayden builds his digital brand in the Metaverse

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Welcome “The Connection Point,” a conversation series highlighting dynamic entrepreneurs and investors in the Capital Region. The connection point — a moment of clarity and understanding between entrepreneurs and investors — is vital to both parties and has the potential to benefit our audience as well.

Throughout these interviews, hosted by Charley Ansbach, a diverse group of entrepreneurs will share their vision, mission, background and the impact they wish to make on others. 

Episode 7: HYDN Founder Hayden Spilman

“HYDN was founded by Hayden Spilman to offer a variety of assistance with your project needs, ranging from creative direction, motion graphics, VFX, concept/digital art, videography, illustration, animation, and even creative consultation.”- HYDN

Hear about the experiences that Hayden encountered growing his digital business in Sacramento and his plans to expand globally.

Hosted by: Charley Ansbach

Produced by: Ferrell Digital Productions in collaboration with Evolution Accelerator