The Connection Point: Mixed Media Artist, Keia Kodama

WATCH: How Keia builds a community and business through her passion for sneakers

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Welcome “The Connection Point,” a conversation series highlighting dynamic entrepreneurs and investors in the Capital Region. The connection point — a moment of clarity and understanding between entrepreneurs and investors — is vital to both parties, and has the potential to benefit our audience as well.

Throughout these interviews, hosted by Charley Ansbach, a diverse group of entrepreneurs will share their vision, mission, background and the impact they wish to make on others. 

Episode 6: Mixed Media Artist Keia Kodama

Keia Kodama shares her passion and talent for sneaker culture by creating one-of-a-kind art sculptures for collaborating brands like Nike.

Learn about the experiences that Kodama encountered as an artistic influencer and how she navigates managing her creative content on social platforms.

Hosted by: Charley Ansbach

Produced by: Ferrell Digital Productions in collaboration with Evolution Accelerator