Evil HR Lady on Comstock’s Talks: Why Attendance Policies Are So Important

Back Podcast Nov 6, 2020 By Suzanne Lucas

Q: I have a problem with employees calling in to say they are not coming into work once they’ve reached 40 hours. We have a lot of overtime available, so it’s easy to have worked 40 hours by Thursday. People then call to say they are not coming in on Friday and don’t want to use their paid time off to cover the time, since they’re already getting paid for 40 hours (plus more, because of California overtime laws). It’s really causing problems with scheduling. What can I do?​​

Written by: Suzanne Lucas

Read by: Shoka

Produced by: Robin Epley

This Evil HR Lady column ran in the October 2020 issue of Comstock’s magazine. Read more here.

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