Stephen Texeira

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Photographer Stephen Texeira aims to create images that are honest, emotional, funny, touching, sad, beautiful and moving. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he now lives with his wife and a host of other mammals in Oakland. Texeira has been a journalist, worked in nonprofits and hospitals, ran his own marketing consulting business, made beds, delivered furniture, dug ditches, and typed letters to pay the rent. Taking photographs is best.

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The New Hip Chick

With the spotlight on commercial egg farming, will the pasture-raised bird steal the show?

The implementation of California’s Proposition 2, which expanded space requirements for hens that produce eggs sold in California, has had ripple effects impacting producers, distributors and consumers throughout the nation. But as animal rights activists and demanding consumers realize the law hasn’t reflected their ideals, and as the price gap between commercial and specialty eggs narrows, will the elite pasture-raised egg enjoy a rise in popularity?

May 12, 2015 Allison Joy