Melissa Arendt

Back Illustrator

As a visual artist, Melissa Arendt is in a constant state of creation, whether through painting, illustration or graphic design. Her illustrative work is characterized by organized clusters of colorful cells juxtaposed with technically lined pencil drawings. Her clients include: 20th Century Fox, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Ruhstaller, Comstock’s Magazine, Edible Magazine, City College of San Francisco, Fandango and many more. Melissa studied graphic design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and currently resides in Auburn, California. You can find more of her work at

Photo by Lux, NovaXF

Photo by Lux, NovaXF

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Fortress of Solvency

For families taking care of a special-needs child or adult, solid financial and legal planning gives a measure of control over an expensive future

The day that Jenny and Bob had their son Justin in 1994, they set foot in a new world. Jenny went into labor four weeks early, and her baby presented in the wrong direction — feet first. So he was delivered through emergency C-section. Once he was born, his heart rate dropped instead of rising, as it should have. For weeks it wasn’t clear whether he’d survive.

Apr 18, 2017 Steven Yoder

Raised for Glory

Youth sports have become big business — but at what cost?

More youth are participating in competitive (tryout-based), travel teams that practice more often and play additional games, often year-round, as parents shell out thousands of dollars per child, per sport, per year. The stakes are high. Or so they seem, as college scholarships or professional careers beckon at the finish line.

Aug 30, 2016 @ 5 am Sena Christian