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Thomas Dodson is President of Selvage Media, a social media consulting firm based in Sacramento he founded in 2012. Dodson spent the previous six years in public relations, working for various agencies and companies. Prior to that, he spent a decade in journalism, mostly as a television news producer. Dodson is also co-founder of Above The Fray, a nonprofit that educates parents about what life is like online for young people.

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Legacy in Waiting

If Mayor Johnson moves on, just what will he leave behind?

I think Mayor Johnson is ready to move on. He has been a big fish in our small pond long enough. The grand opening of the arena in October 2016 will likely be his public farewell, a metaphorical victory lap. Cuts ribbon. Drops mic.Take my prediction with a grain of salt. But if 2016 is his last year in office, how will he be remembered as mayor?

Jun 10, 2015 Thomas Dodson