The Strategy of 3

How to conduct an efficient meeting: Improve comprehension, maximize retention.

Back Web Only Mar 1, 2014 By Craig Amazeen

Three is a magic number. Yes it is. It’s a magic number.

If you’re humming the lyrics to the iconic “Schoolhouse Rock” song, then you are either over 35, a Blind Melon-head or already in tune with the Strategy of 3.

I’m not the first, last or even the third person to embrace, practice and write about the Strategy of 3, but it’s something worth repeating, as it is a valuable tool for many successful leaders and businesses.

So let me offer a proven way to implement the Strategy of 3 into your internal business communication.

Large or small, weekly or impromptu, internal communication simply drives and defines your business. The Strategy of 3 is a simple and effective way to communicate where the highest levels of comprehension and retention must be achieved. Think Commence. Condense. Dispense. Here’s how to do it:

COMMENCE: Identify a simple 3-point agenda, and announce it at the commencement of the meeting. (e.g. “We need to address three things: the Triad campaign, the Trifecta team-building effort, and the Trilogy website update.)  

CONDENSE: As the first point is properly communicated and discussed, condense the outcome into its simplest form. (e.g. “We agree that the launch date for the Triad campaign is March 3; Trey Triple III is the lead. Let’s move onto Trifecta team building, with the Trilogy website to follow.”)

DISPENSE: At the conclusion of the meeting, repeat the 3-point agenda AND dispense the key takeaways from each discussion, including action items, leads and learning. Note: There’s a 3-point bonus if you have 3 team members repeat them instead of the initiator.

The Strategy of 3 can be applied in many areas of business. It can have tremendous impact on creative design (rule of thirds), defining your brand position (awareness, consideration, conversion) and, of course, storytelling (trilogies, 3D, Three-Act Structure).

So while most of us aspire to be number 1, remember: 3 is a magic number.

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