The Connection Point: InterApp CEO Will Brown

WATCH: New experience leverages augmented reality to build audience engagement

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Welcome to Comstock’s new show, “The Connection Point,” a conversation series highlighting dynamic entrepreneurs and investors in the Capital Region. The connection point — a moment of clarity and understanding between entrepreneurs and investors — is vital to both parties, and has the potential to benefit our audience as well.

Throughout these interviews, hosted by Charley Ansbach, a diverse group of entrepreneurs will share their vision, mission, background and the impact they wish to make on others. 

Episode 1: InterApp CEO Will Brown

In our pilot episode, Will Brown, founder of InterApp, shares his brand journey and the initial challenges he encountered to start up his company in Sacramento. InterApp builds products that enable creatives to create and consumers to interact with print, packaging and apparel graphics through augmented reality experiences, delivered via a combination of a web-based content creator and an image recognition app for smart mobile devices. “Augmented reality helps users interact and engage with the real world by overlaying digital experiences,” says Will Brown. 

How did Brown raise $1.2 million in seed money? Watch to find out and learn about this CEO’s innovative approach to content. 

Hosted by: Charley Ansbach

Produced by: Ferrell Digital Productions in collaboration with Evolution Accelerator