From the Publisher: Ballet is Back

Snap Shots offers an intimate look at the art of dance

Back Commentary Oct 9, 2015 By Winnie Comstock-Carlson

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of being one of about 30 “thought leaders” invited to a private performance by the Sacramento Ballet as they proved that, indeed, ballet is back.

Attendees got a sneak peek at the ballet’s new strategy for staying afloat financially while still fostering a love for our local arts: in-studio performances. I have to say that enjoying ballet in such an intimate setting — where you can hear the dancers feet leap from and hit back down upon the floor; where their heavy breathing, as they strain to make physical art appear effortless, is audible — is an entirely new and incredibly moving experience.

Most of you know that the ballet was forced to cut their 2014-2015 season short due to financial constraints. In-studio performances allow the company to conserve overhead costs while offering a fresh viewing experience for the audience, one that feels intensely personal. The setting forces the relationship between dancer and spectator into sharp relief.

Snap Shots will feature the choreography of co-artistic director Ron Cunningham, highlighting some of his favorite pieces from the 50-plus ballets he has created or staged for the Sacramento Ballet. Additional choreography from Darrell Grand Moultrie offers a modern take on this historical artform and I must say, the dances are absolutely captivating.

As community leaders, it is our job to ensure that Sacramento and the Capital Region remains a vibrant community not just for our businesses but also for the creative arts that give our cities a true identity. I urge you to attend a performance of Snap Shots, which officially begins its run tonight. You won’t be disappointed.