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3 hot sipping spots in Solano County

Back Article Apr 9, 2015 By Allison Joy

Solano County hasn’t escaped the craft beer craze. Here are three local breweries you don’t want to miss:

Right Eye Brewing Co.

Where: 221 Benton Court, Suisun City

Known For: That Damn IPA

This imperial IPA was given such a moniker because, according to the brewers, after two or three you stand up and say, “that damn IPA.” With a 9.8 percent abv (alcohol by volume), we’ll take their word for it.

Must Try: Pfirsich

A peach Hefeweizen, this brew gets its name from the German word for, of course, peach. With just a hint of fruit, it’s a classic wheat beer perfect for summer sipping.

Heretic Brewing Co.

Where: 1052 Horizon Drive, Fairfield

Known For: Evil Twin

A beer seeking balance, Evil Twin claims a flavor that is hoppy without being overly bitter and malty without being overly sweet.

Must Try: Gramarye

A session pale ale with a dash of rye malt, this beer took home the gold medal for rye beer at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. Its name means the practice of learning sorcery, so who knows where you’ll wake up.

Mare Island Brewing Co.

Where: 289 Mare Island Way, Vallejo

Known For: Saginaw Golden Ale

This golden ale is named after the first ship built by the Mare Island Navy Yard back in 1857, the USS Saginaw. The hops are mild and fruity, and it pairs nicely with a coastal view.

Must Try: Angles and Dangles American Blonde Ale

Brewed especially for the United States Submarine Veterans’ 2014 convention in San Francisco, this blonde ale was such a hit that it was put into regular rotation. As the lightest of Mare Island Brewing’s fare, it’s great for gulping on a hot summer day.


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