One of Sacramento Life Center’s two mobile medical clinics.

On The Road Again

The American River Bank Foundation grants funding for mobile medical clinic repairs

Back Article Jul 25, 2018 By Lillie Apostolos

Every year, Sacramento Life Center’s two mobile medical clinics provide free services for over 2,000 low-income women in critical need of medical services throughout pregnancy, with a goal to see all pregnancies come to term. However, last year, the service-providing vehicles needed some upkeep of their own: The two mobile clinics required engine repairs and tires to stay on the road.

Recently, American River Bank Foundation awarded a $14,000 grant to Sacramento Life. With this funding, Sacramento Life is facilitating repairs to keep its mobile clinics operational. “Both of the clinics go out four days a week in the Sacramento area and give needed free services for women. We’re a great open-door for women who are expecting. It’s really needed to keep the program running as it has been for the past few years,” says Sacramento Life Center’s Executive Director Marie Leatherby.

“We compare financial statements, governance and leadership practices for all of our nonprofits.” Erica Dias, vice president of marketing and community engagement, American River Bank

American River Bank Foundation has donated $1.3 million to 56 different organizations since its founding in 2004. The foundation has regularly supported Sacramento Life Center, with this donation marking the fourth contribution to the organization. The choice to provide funding for the medical clinics was logical, due to the meticulous way Sacramento Life accounts for its expenses — a fitting choice for a foundation that gains funding from American River Bank’s own employees, who are business bankers.

“We compare financial statements, governance and leadership practices for all of our nonprofits,” says Erica Dias, vice president of marketing and community engagement for American River Bank. “Our foundation is run by bankers who evaluate businesses as their primary job — their vocation. Our team comes together, and we have already been able to identity that from an ROI stand-point, Sacramento Life is a great investment. They are already doing a great job with the resources they have. Those are the kind of organizations we want to support.”

Sacramento Life has provided services for low-income women and families living in the region over the past eight years. Thanks to the funding, the mobile clinics are able to continue offering a multitude of health services, including free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STD testing, resource consulting, medical care and insurance references. After women have their children, they are able to access free baby necessities such as diapers, clothing, bottles and formula from the clinics.

“Our mission for the foundation is to provide services for vulnerable women and children,” says Dias. “With our focus on the most vulnerable women and children, this is in great alignment. The mobile unit can reach individuals that might not have access to quality care.”