Affordable Representation
Could licensing paralegals in California help drive down legal costs?
Few events are as stressful as a divorce. But for many Californians who can’t afford lawyers, having to represent themselves in family court compounds their troubles. Judge Mark Juhas, who hears family law cases in Los Angeles, tells the story of a couple that was finalizing their divorce and had
Steven Yoder
Are Attorneys the Rx For Obamacare?
Legal firms, state agencies and law schools feel the effects of federal health care.
Mary Antoine, chair of the health care practice group at Nossaman, reports “a significant uptick in work on all fronts.” In recent months, the Sacramento law firm has hired several new associates and seasoned health care attorneys to keep up with the added workload. Hiring more attorneys may be
Torey Van Oot
Commanding Presence
Business, safety and the future of the Sac PD
Sacramento Police Chief Sam Somers Jr. is still fairly new to his position, but he is hardly fresh to Sacramento or law enforcement. Born and raised here, the Encina High School and Sacramento State graduate is a second-generation cop with 29 years on the force. In that time, Somers has held
Rich Ehisen
We Are the 96%
What affordable care really means for your business
In just nine months, the bulk of the federal Affordable Care Act will go into effect. Many of its provisions will have a real impact on the majority of small-business owners. Still, less than 1 percent of America’s small businesses are currently in a position to face penalties under the law. Here’s
John Arensmeyer, Small Business Majority
Juris Challenge
How to keep expensive, competitive law degrees attractive to dwindling applicants
Even a half-hearted glance at the headlines would suggest that these are hardly the glory days for the nation’s law schools. Tuition fees are practically indenturing students under massive debt, and the job market awaiting new graduates only has jobs for half of them. It’s little wonder law schools
Bill Romanelli
The New Laws of Hiring
John O’Malley is the recruiting partner at Sacramento’s largest law firm, Downey Brand, which was founded nearly a century ago and employs more than 120 lawyers in five regional offices, 103 of them in Sacramento. As at many law firms, there was belt tightening during the recession, but Downey
Sigrid Bathen
Law School Blues
Like so many recent law school graduates, Seth Benkle searched vainly for a job after graduating from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento in 2010, increasingly stressed about his $160,000 in student loans, interest accruing. “I pay what I can,” Benkle says. “In
Sigrid Bathen
Renovation Realities
Kevin Straw can restore a car to its original state. He can fix a dent, smooth rough spots, put on a fresh coat of paint and make a clunker look new. But over the next couple years, Straw will have to learn the ropes of another craft, using unfamiliar tools to restore his business, fix the
Anne Gonzales