study abroad
Placer County goes global in search for higher education
A 12-year mission to bring higher education to Placer County, spearheaded by local land baron Angelo Tsakopoulos, has gone global. The potential import of a U.K. university could raise Placer County to the forefront of an international movement in education — one that has traditionally been
Allison Joy
Linking Education to Industry
Public schools now have millions of dollars to join Sacramento’s Next Economy. Will they?
Wine flowed freely at the Sutter Club in late October amid the enthusiastic chatter of educators and the business community. Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) was rallying support around a plan to plug $250 million into a new style of high school instruction that combines rigorous
Allen Young
Are for-profit colleges really that evil?
Government keeps tightening the rules on proprietary schools. Is it working?
It didn’t take long for the for-profit colleges to get back in the news. Just a year after Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) dropped a massive report accusing for-profits of overcharging students for worthless degrees, California Attorney General Kamala Harris set her sights on Corinthian Colleges Inc.
Allen Young
Acuity with Brian King
Education’s future
Brian King, 49, became chancellor of the Los Rios Community College District in February. Before taking over the reigns of the region’s multi-community college system from mentor and friend Brice Harris, King served as president and superintendent of Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz. He brings more
Douglas Curley
Teach it Forward
One woman’s quest to educate low-income youth at her Sacramento alma mater.
Asha Canady’s parents didn’t go to college. Her brothers didn’t make it out of high school. But it was expected, from a young age, that Canady and her twin sister would succeed in higher education. “College was this very fuzzy, nebulous term and place that we didn’t quite know how to access,” she
Stephanie Flores
Think Outside the Classroom
Can online courses save California universities?
At first glimpse, online classes sound like a revolutionary cure for numerous problems plaguing California universities. They allow scores of students to enroll in college for a nominal fee and gain access to top-notch professors from elite schools. The state public university system could
Michelle Locke
Farm to School
Food movement benefits kids and economies — for a cost
It’s lunchtime at Fred T. Korematsu Elementary in Davis. A cafeteria monitor stands over the first, second and third graders, but she is only a scarecrow. One by one, the children obediently serve themselves broccoli, lettuce and individually wrapped kiwis from a salad bar. If they refuse two
Allen Young
Teaching Teachers
Much of the discussion about how to improve education has been reduced in recent years by a venomous national debate over whether teachers should be judged by the standardized test scores of their students. Regardless of who’s right, the failure of school administrators and teacher unions to
Jean Yung