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From the Elks Tower to the Maydestone
Why Sacramento developers love historic remodels
Burke Fathy isn’t sure whether the building that housed Sacramento’s first Police Department will be converted to offices or apartments, but, as the managing partner of Sutter Capitol Group, he is sure the original architectural elements will stay. From the marble staircase to the bullet holes,
Bill Sessa
Architecture & Engineering
Fresh Fruit
A Sacramento landmark is ripe for revitalization
With ground set to break on an entertainment and sports complex said to include state-of-the-art technology, owners of Downtown Plaza’s next-door neighbor, the California Fruit Building, have a high-tech makeover plan of their own. By accenting Old World charm with modern accents, developers hope
Allison Joy
Architecture & Engineering
Sacramento Builders Rush to the Bay
San Francisco’s building boom creates local migration
Construction executive Paul Cunha bought a new car last year and has been rolling up the miles like a travelling salesman. “I’ve had the car for 50 weeks, and I’ve driven it 30,000 miles. And I’m not driving to New York,” says the Sacramento-based vice-president of general contractor JR Roberts/
Bill Sessa
Architecture & Engineering
Acuity with Michael Strech
Building optimism
In October 2012, Michael Strech, 49, was named president and CEO of the North State Building Industry Association. The group is a community-based organization representing more than 400 homebuilder and associate members. From 2003 to 2009, Strech served as the vice president of member services for
Douglas Curley
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Streetcar Named Desire
Funding questions loom over downtown streetcar project
For nearly two decades, local city officials have envisioned a streetcar that would transport residents and visitors across downtown Sacramento.  The project, which grew to include West Sacramento in recent years, has built momentum and stalled a couple of times, most recently in 2009, due to
Allen Young
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Acuity with Robert Chase
Architectural optimist
Robert Chase, 67, is California’s deputy state architect and the current president of the Central Valley chapter of the American Institute of Architects. In addition to his private-sector work in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Sacramento, Chase has also served as the chief building officer for
Douglas Curley
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Rebuilding Blocks
New strategies for post-recession architects
Bruce Monighan knows a few things about building something out of nothing. Facing the option of unemployment or bootstrapping, the local architect started his Sacramento-based firm Monighandesign from scratch in 1982. By the early 2000s, Monighandesign was completing between 50 and 60 public and
John Blomster
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Engineering Solutions
Flood risk reduction in the real world
Although the United States Army Corps of Engineers is the largest public engineering, design and construction management agency in the world, most Americans identify it with flood protection. This is particularly true in the Sacramento Region, where the Corps is heavily involved in virtually every
Rich Ehisen