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Mind Games
Tech darling Mark Otero hit it big, then almost hit restart
Bright orange walls and ergonomic chairs. A black conference table flanked by a half-dozen scruffy-chic men (zip-front sweaters, double-pierced ears, turn-of-the-millennium tattoos) and three times as many digital devices (nobody brought just one). A virtual whiteboard notes the outlines of a new
Anita Chabria
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Home office tricks and tips
How to design a comfortable and productive workspace
Technological innovations, workforce trends and entrepreneurial spirits are allowing more American workers to step away from cubicles and corner offices and into the comforts of their own homes. But maintaining productivity at home can be a challenge for workers who lack a well-equipped 
Katrina Stumbos
Business & Management
Branding's Triple Threat...the ride of your life!
Starting a new business or looking to maximize your brand’s impact on your bottom line? While a brand is the foundation of any business, creating that brand can be as scary and exhilarating as any rollercoaster ride – especially as a brand must achieve top marks in three essential categories in
Angela Criser
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Mia Lopez
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The strategy of 3
How to conduct an efficient meeting: Improve comprehension, maximize retention.
Three is a magic number. Yes it is. It’s a magic number. If you’re humming the lyrics to the iconic “Schoolhouse Rock” song, then you are either over 35, a Blind Melon-Head or already in tune with the Strategy of 3. I’m not the first, last or even the third person to embrace, practice and
Craig Amazeen
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Figure of Speech
How body language factors into the 'glass ceiling'
He’s the boss, she’s bossy. He’s assertive, she’s domineering. He strategizes, she schemes. He’s powerful and likeable, she’s powerful or likeable. As males rise in rank and status at work, they retain (and often increase) their perceived likeability, so they can be both powerful and likeable. The
Carol Kinsey Goman
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Help at the Top
Local nonprofit Sacramento Entrepreneur's Organizaiton gives local business a leg up
Every entrepreneur knows that it’s lonely at the top. Jeff Smith is no exception. Smith co-founded two technology companies, Taborda Solutions and Pondera Solutions, and continues to run them with co-founder and partner Jon Coss. While he had acquired plenty of experience in sales within the
Sharon Frederick
Business & Management
Working moms
Don't let motherhood stand in the way of pay raises and promotions
There’s a debate in workplaces about whether women who have children are subject to a professional disadvantage that other female co-workers don’t face. It’s called the motherhood penalty because mothers are said to be paid less, have fewer promotions, get smaller raises and be viewed as less
Lindsay Broder